How Can Lottery Powerball Game Improve Your Chances?

Serious lottery players around the globe are looking for patterns in lottery numbers that will give them an edge. One strategy has been proven to give them an advantage in lottery play. It uses lottery numbers that are common in all lotteries. They are known as Longshots 파워볼.

We’ll give you some background and provide a definition if you don’t understand Longshots. Hot Number Strategy was a popular lottery strategy that became very popular a few years ago. It also came with the usual marketing hype you’d expect. It looked something like this: 

More than 80% of winning lottery numbers were hit within the last 10 drawing. Make your play list by selecting the winners from the 10 previous drawings. This will increase your chances to win the lottery.

It sounds plausible enough at first. Let’s look at it again. This strategy implicitly includes the other side of the coin. Any lottery numbers that haven’t hit in the last 10 drawings is considered a very dubious pick. These lottery numbers were called Longshots. It is still my favorite name and I still use it. Longshots are not something I denigrate. They are a great asset. Any viable lottery strategy must include Longshots in its play list.

This was a costly lesson for all the lottery players who fell for the Hot Number Strategy hype. It was a lot of money spent, with very little to show for it.

Hot Number Strategy failures were caused by the exclusion of Longshots. Because Longshots account for 25% to 40% of all winning numbers, it is vital to have a viable lottery strategy. Yes, that’s right! 25% to 40%.

This is true for all lottery draws in Canada and the USA for more than 20 years. This is when I began to analyze them. As the lottery’s size changes, the percentage of each lottery varies. The percentage for a 6/52 lottery is different than for a 6-44 lottery. You can be sure that this lottery number pattern will not change.

This is easy for anyone to confirm. It might not be so easy if you don’t have an excellent lottery software program. This is the way to go. This list will include all the numbers that were hit in each drawing’s last 10 draws. Any number that is not on the list must be a Longshot. Add up the winning numbers from the next drawing. This can be done for all of the lottery history. The answer is somewhere between 25-40 percent if you add up the winners of Longshots.

What can you do to take advantage of this information. If you get 30% as your answer, that means that 30% of the winning numbers for the next drawing will be Longshots. This means that 1.8 of the winning numbers in a 6/48 lotto would be Longshots. (30% x 6 = 1.8) This is a persistent pattern that doesn’t change every drawing, but it does happen consistently over time. Lotto Texas has 89% of its winning numbers being Longshots. It’s easy to count on it.

This is why Hot Number Strategy professionals wasted so much money. Their play lists came up an average of 1.8 numbers short. This was a very frustrating situation for players who used this poor lottery strategy.

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